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The DBGroup

Data Integration

MOMIS is a data integration system able to integrate and query data coming from heterogeneous data sources (structured and semi-structured) in a semi-automatic way, to bring out new information from apparently unrelated existing data. An open source version of MOMIS is delivered and maintained by DataRiver.

Keyword-based search

Typically, structured data sources are queried by means of structured languages, thus making possible to access data only for advanced users. Systems based on keywords do not require such knowledge, enabling the casual user to access the data.

Big Data

Big Data is the term for data sets that are so large and complex that they are difficult to capture, curate, manage, and process with current data-management tools. If the Big Data process can be effectively developed and controlled, its potential benefits to business, government, and society are huge.

Open Data and Linked Open Data

Nowadays, numerous open data sources are available on public organization's web sites. However, the great majority of these resources is published in an unstructured format and is typically accessed only by closed communities. The Linked Open Data paradigm represents the key solution to improve and enrich the use of open data and to help consumers to access their integrated information.

News for students

Il ricevimento studenti della prof.ssa Bergamaschi di mercoledì 23/10/2019 è anticipato alle ore 15.00

Le lezioni del corso Big Data Management and Governance del martedì mattina 11-13 sono ora tenute nell'aula P0.5 anziché in P1.3.