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Course announcement: "Data Series Management"

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Course for PhD and M.Sc. students: "Data Series Management" (Link to the ICT Doctorate Page)

Prof. Themis Palpanas - Paris Descartes University

The course is open to all M.Sc. students.

Course content:
- Data series representations: formal definitions, normalization, summarizations (dft, dct, dwt, paa, pla, apca, isax), amnesic summarizations, experimental comparison of summarizations
- Data series distance functions: Euclidean, pearson correlation, dtw, constrained dtw, lcss, lower bounds, tightness and pruning power, uniform scaling
- Data series similarity queries: definitions, nearest neighbor, epsilon-range, serial scan, best so far, early abandoning
- Data series indexing: R-Trees, indexing for dtw, indexing for uniform scaling, isax, isax2+, ads+, vertical scan, experimental comparison of indexes
- Data series mining: classification, clustering, motifs, discords, matrix profile
- Streaming data series processing: summarizations for streaming data series (paa, pla, dwt, dft), similarity matching (wedgie, spring, ssm), fast serial scan (Euclidean, dtw)
- Using Matlab for data series processing



Mer 2 Maggio '18
- 14-16 P2.5
- 16-18 P0.4

Gio 3 Maggio '18
- 11-13 P1.1
- 16-18 P1.3

Ven 4 Maggio '18
- 09-13 P1.1

Lun 7 Maggio '18
- 16-19 P1.5

Note for the students of Data Management and Governace:
This course is part of the M.Sc. course on Data Management and Governace.

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