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Corso su Social Semantic Web and its applications

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La Scuola di Dottorato in ICT organizza un corso su

Social Semantic Web and its Applications

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Dr Maciej Dabrowski
Postdoctoral Researcher at DERI, NUI Galway
Adjunct Lecturer at J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics, NUI Galway


Il corso è organizzato in queste giornate:

Day 1: Introduction to Semantic Web and Social Networks Session 1.1:
Basic concepts behind Semantic Web (6 May, FA-1D, from 11 to 13) Session
1.2: Introduction to Social Networks (6 May, FA-2B, 15-17)

Day 2: Social Semantic Web: applications and practice Session 2.1:
Applications of the Social Semantic Web (7 May, FA-0A, 11-13) Session
2.2: Technologies for the Social Semantic Web (7 May, FA-2B, 15-17

Day 3: Challenges of Social Semantic Web Session 3.1: Multi‐disciplinary
aspects Social Semantic Web (8 May, FA-2A, 9-11) Session 3.2 Project
work (8 May, FA-2E, 15-17)

Day 4: Project work and assessment (9 May, FA-2E, 9-13) .

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