Monday, 09 June 2014 13:13

Sonia Bergamaschi will participate to the workshop "Challenges in Big Data" at the EPFL School of Computer and Communication Sciences

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Our world is in the midst of a revolution in information technology, at the centre of which is Big Data. We generate, collect, process, and store data at phenomenally high rates. Communication, entertainment, financial and health services, social networking and mobile services are just a few examples of how our day-to-day interactions have transformed into data exchanges. Science has entered a data-centric “fourth paradigm” which complements theory, experimentation and simulation with analytics on massive scientific data, enabling discoveries from Big Data based on empirical principles; the fourth paradigm constitutes a fundamental change in the scientific methods as we know them. Big Data is a resource that can be turned into economic, cultural and scientific value. At the 2014 Research Day international top experts in managing Big Data will explore in a series of talks both opportunities and risks that the Big Data revolution brings along, and EPFL researchers will provide an opportunity to have a glimpse of EPFL research highlights on Big Data.

Anastasia Ailamaki and Karl Aberer, Chairs

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