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Seminary: "Amazon Web Services", Dott. Alessio Torelli and Dott. Fabio Miselli, December 17th, h. 11-13, room FA0D

Alessio Torelli
For its Customer Communication Management business Doxee leverages the Cloud Computing facilities, in particular Doxee has a long-lasting strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). During this seminar we’ll present how AWS allows Doxee to improve time-to-market and create highly available, reliable and scalable services. In particular we’ll focus on creating infrastructure as code, auto-scaling our services and monitoring our environment in the Cloud. Moreover we’ll show the advantages of DevOps approach to classic IT problems.


Fabio Miselli
The Cloud Analytics project has been designed in order to meet the demand of customers concerning a reliable, safety, available and scalable service of Analytics’ extraction and monitoring that can offers a strategy contribute for a company. In this talk, I’ll show the Cloud Analytics project and how a Data Lake has been built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) technological stack. In particular I’ll focus on some services largely adopt for the data collection and for the Analytics’ extraction and visualization such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon Simple Storage Service, AWS Glue, Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight the AWS’ business intelligence service .

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