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Research activity

The DBGroup research addresses issues related to the storage, management, querying, and analysis of streaming, heterogeneous, and distributed data. Big Data Integration techniques and entity recognition - the process for identifying the same real-world entity in different data sources - are the main current research interests. The approach to data analysis is based on AI techniques, in particular the so-called Data-Centric AI. We are part of the new international research movement that proposes a new perspective of using Machine Learning (ML), that is MLOps. The goal of MLOps is to make high quality data available through all stages of the ML project lifecycle. MLOps tools are needed to make Data-Driven AI an efficient and systematic process.

Context and motivation of the research

Managing large amounts of data, extracting information and knowledge from them has always been a great research interest, and undoubtedly offers competitive advantages when applied to real business problems. The recent big data explosion and the need of big data required by artificial intelligence applications make the DBGroup research topics particularly challenging and timely.

Engagement of local entities and fallout on the territory

DBGroup members collaborate with public and private organizations in data management and analysis projects. An agreement with CINECA allows DBGroup members to exploit the capabilities of one of the most powerful European super computers. Other projects concern Big Data Integration in the health sector by providing cutting-edge solutions for the Internet of Medical Things.

Funded projects / grants

The DBGroup participated in European and Local projects. Recently, DXP, a project in collaboration with Doxee to build a Digital Experience Platform, Smart monitoring of Local Energy Community, an ENEA project  to collect and analysis of data from sensors that monitor the energy network to allow a conscious use of energy by users, Trafair, a CEF Telecom project to study the impact of the traffic on air pollution, Re-search Alps, a CEF Telecom project to integrate open databases describing research laboratories, Keystone, a cost Action involving 200+ researchers working in the keyword search area, SBDIOI40, a regional project developing a data analytic platform.

Impact on society

The DBGroup developed a number of theoretic data integration techniques published in prestigious international venues, and implemented prototype applications to support the research. MOMIS, a data integration system developed by DBGroup, has been reengineered and is now marketed by Data River a startup founded by group members.

National and international academic relationships

DBGroup members have carried out and are carrying out research projects with important national and international institutions. The group has consolidated relationships with international Universities, such as the University of Zaragoza and Santiago (ES), Potsdam (DE), Paris Decartes and Aix-Marseille (FR), Rijeka (HR) and with companies such as Microsoft, and Huawei.


The DBGroup is member of the Artificial Intelligence Research and Innovation Center (AIRI) and of the CINI Big Data Laboratory, with Prof. Sonia Bergamaschi being the responsible of the UNIMORE node. Prof. Sonia Bergamaschi is member of the steering committee of the Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems (SEBD) organization (ongoing since 1993). The DBGroup is also a member of H2-MORE, the interdipartimental center for research and services in the sector of production, storage and use of hydrogen.

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