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Ongoing Funded Projects

  • Digital Experience Platform
    The project is funded by Regione Emilia Romagna and is developed in collaboration with Doxee. The goal of the project is to build a Digital Experience Platform to integrate with the Customer Communication Management (CCM) of Doxee to provide a better customer experience with Big Data and AI.

  • Smart monitoring of Local Energy Community
    The project is funded by-and in collaboration with ENEA. The goal is to design a platform to collect and analysis of data from sensors that monitor the energy network to allow a conscious use of energy by users in the home and workplace.

  • LigAdvisor
    (A web server for drug design based on Big Data.)

  • Smart Cities – the TRAFAIR project
    Air pollution causes 400,000 deaths per year, making it first environmental cause of premature death in Europe. In the TRAFAIR project, we discover how traffic impacts on urban air quality conditions in 6 European cities. The project aims at monitoring air quality by using sensors in 6 cities and making air quality predictions thanks to simulation models.

  • MOMIS-Datariver Data Integrator
    (Italian Ministery of Economic Development "Fondo per l’Innovazione Tecnologica - FIT Start-Up",  2011-2014)    
  • Research Agreement with CINECA
    (collaboration for testing of advanced techniques for the management of Big Data)

Past Funded Projects


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