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Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Energetic Virtuosity in Local Energy Communities

Fondo Sociale Europeo

This project is funded within the PON program (www.ponricerca.gov.it) Asse IV Azione IV.6, CUP E95F21002330001.


The project aims to develop techniques and algorithms for the management and analysis of Big Data, with a particular focus on data produced by the Local Energy Communities (LEC). Due to the high heterogeneity and the multi-source nature of this data (e.g. energy consumption, green energy production, smart home sensors, climate data) the research is focused on data cleaning integration, two crucial points to obtain a high-quality and unified view of the data that can be used as the basis for further analysis.

The project is carried out in collaboration with DataRiver srl, an innovative PMI, and ENEA that provides the data and the guidelines.


The results achieved during the development of the project are reported in the following scientific articles:

  • Gagliardelli, L., Zecchini, L., Ferretti, L., Beneventano, D., Simonini, G., Bergamaschi, S., ... & Moretti, F. (2023). A big data platform exploiting auditable tokenization to promote good practices inside local energy communities. Future Generation Computer Systems, 141, 595-610.
  • Gagliardelli, L., Zecchini, L., Beneventano, D., Simonini, G., Bergamaschi, S., Orsini, M., ... & Fabio, M. (2022). ECDP: A big data platform for the smart monitoring of local energy communities. In CEUR WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGS (Vol. 3135). PDF. Video


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