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Digital Maktaba

Digital Maktaba - ITSERR funded project


Maktaba (in Arabic "maktaba", "library") part of ITSERR is a project funded by the NRRP – National Recovery and Resilience Plan and is designed to strengthen RESILIENCE, the European research infrastructure for religious sciences, whose scientific coordinator is Prof. Alberto Melloni. Resilience is the only Italian-led organisation in the humanities and social sciences and became part of the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) Roadmap in 2021.


Digital Maktaba (in Arabic “maktaba”, “library”) whose aim is to establish procedures for the extraction, long term preservation, management of libraries and archives and to develop virtuous models in the field of cataloguing that can accommodate a very large amount of documents written in non-Latin alphabets, starting with the case of the Arabic alphabet and testing it also with other alphabets. The project will address challenges as Big Data management for internal (other ITSERR project) and external (other institutions) data interoperability and Entity Recognition (ER), Interpretable Machine Learning (IML) and more.

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