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Congratulations to the ACM SIGMOD Programming Contest Finalists!

The 2021 edition of the ACM SIGMOD Programming Contest, which saw the registration of 51 teams (27 of them qualified for the final leaderboard) and the evaluation of 1506 submissions, is now over.

After the certification of the best submissions from the leaderboard and of the corresponding code for the top-5 teams, we are happy to confirm the finalists, which will join 2021 SIGMOD/PODS conference:
#1 - SUSTech_DBGroup (Southern University of Science and Technology, Weibao Fu/Peiqi Yin/Lan Lu) - Overall Winner (1st prize)
#2 - UKN (Tsinghua University, Yinan Mei/Haoyu Wang/Dongming Zhao) & panda (Georgia Institute of Technology, Renzhi Wu/Peng Li) - Runner-Up (sharing 2nd prize)
#4 - CyberPunk2021 (EPFL, Saibo Geng/Lin Yuan/Yifei Li)
#5 - BoomBoomChicken (Rutgers University, Chaoji Zuo)

Congratulations to the finalists!

We would like to thank Donatella Firmani and Andrea De Angelis from Roma Tre University, with whom we organized this contest, for giving us this opportunity, and all the teams which took part in it!

Giovanni Simonini and Luca Zecchini

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